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What is GraffHouse?

GraffHouse a passion project done for the love of the craft and the community that graffiti represents. GraffHouse is the the first 100% submission based graffiti zine by writers for writers.

Since 2019 GraffHouse has been reviving print media and inspiring the graffiti community to get up!

You can now find GraffHouse magazines, shirts, hats, stickers, scribes, and more on the web or in any of our brick and mortar partners!

About The GraffHouse

Since 2019 GraffHouse has been changing the way graffiti enthusiasts can collect graffiti. GraffHouse started the first submission based graffiti zine in 2020. After this each year Graffhouse comes out with another limited collectible zine. 

How do we print our zines?

In efforts to keep our over head costs low here at GraffHouse we rely on the good people at Printing Center USA to manufacture our zines. We have used Printing Center USA since our first zine and are going to be working with Printing Center USA to create the long awaited GraffHouse Issue 3!